Our Customer


We relish the fact that our market is wide and could be any one of the 321 million Americans looking to get rid of their trash. We provide a great service in an efficient and affordable fashion for our customer.

Customer Examples

• Tammy is 50 and has back problems, which makes it difficult to cleaning remove unwanted items from her low ceiling attic. Tammy calls Rent This Dumpsters’ full service junk removal team to carefully load & dispose of the items

• John is remodeling and has a couple knocked down walls he wants to get rid of. He calls the closest Rent This Dumpster to haul away all the construction debris.

• Judy & Mark are preparing to sell their home and want to clear out all yard junk to make their house stand out. The call Rent This Dumpster and rent a 12 foot long 8 feet wide dumpster.

We provide disposal and recycling services for residential and commercial clients. From just one item to multiple loads, we can service all of your disposal and  recycling needs.

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