Cheap Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal Services

If one is renovating a property, constructing a new property, cleaning out the house or removing broken furniture, then they will likely need help disposing of waste and debris. A cheap dumpster rental and a junk removal service are the two main options.

Though one may know what their options are, they may have a surprisingly hard time knowing which one to choose. The first step is to know the difference between the two so one can make a more informed decision.

Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

Cheap Dumpster Rentals

Renting a cheap dumpster is the better option especially when one decides to do the construction or renovation project themselves. If one chooses this option, they will have to call a cheap dumpster rental company.

How to order a dumpster

They will choose a dumpster size and number of dumpsters then make arrangements about how they will receive the dumpster. Pick up arrangements for the waste will also be made. Some areas in Massachusetts may require you to have a permit so that the dumpster can be left by the side of your property.

dumpster rental

Common roll off dumpster sizes include 10, 20, 30 and 40 yard bins where ‘yard’ is a unit of measurement used to refer to a cubic yard capacity or volume. 10 yard dumpsters are usually used for small jobs such as garage clean outs while a 40-yard cheap dumpster rental is used or large construction or entire re-roofing projects.

all waste dumpster

Since the majority of cheap dumpster rental companies are currently committed to environmentally friendly waste disposal, most of the waste dumped in such rented dumpsters will be heading to recycling centers. In some cases, one may find an entire load of recyclable material such as asphalt or concrete roof shingles.

Junk Hauling Services

Cheap rental dumpsters are typically heavy especially when packed with waste. As it pertains to dumpster weight, there are two main concerns: protection of the property and meeting the weight limit. Make sure you know whats going inside your dumpster to avoid any extra charges.

Property Damage Protection

A cheap dumpster rental can be of significant weight when filled with debris. In fact, a 30-yard dumpster with debris from a roofing project can weigh as much as two tons or 4,000 pounds. Such weights can cause substantial damage to a property including the driveway, patio or yard.

Luckily, most cheap dumpster rental companies will take some measures to prevent such damage to a property such as placing the dumpster on top of thick plywood. If they do not one may have to take such protective measures themselves.

Meeting Weight Limit

The state of Massachusetts has specific weight restrictions on moving dumpsters. Such regulations are strictly enforced and the penalties and fees to be paid when they are not met. The fees may also include fees for dumping the waste at a landfill.

The rental company may also place limits different from those of local government authorities. If they do so, you will have to meet their standards or risk incurring heavy additional charges from the company if the limit is exceeded.

One should ensure that they completely understand the weight restrictions of both the company and the state. They should ask as many questions as they can before acquiring the services of a cheap dumpster rental company.

Overestimating the size of one’s waste pile should help them from exceeding the weight limit.

Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

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Junk Removal Service

The second option one has concerning massive waste disposal is to hire a junk removal service. A junk removal service will help with everything including estate cleanouts, spring/fall foliage cleanup, construction & demolition debris and general rubbish removal.

The difference between obtaining a cheap dumpster rental and hiring a junk removal service is that the latter does all the work for the client.

The process of renting a dumpster and a junk removal service are quite similar. They simply involve calling and making an appointment.

The cost of hiring a junk removal service is determined by the amount and type of waste to be removed. The company should send a representative as soon as one calls them and they will assess the waste and provide a free quote.

Junk removal services are experts at handling bulky waste for example large electronic appliances, yard waste and construction/demolition debris and furniture. Their expertise helps quicken the process while reducing the impact the removal has on the property.

If possible, a junk removal service will recycle a part of the waste hauled from a property. Moreover, they may donate reusable items to a local charity and hand the client a tax-deductible receipt.

Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

Cheap Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal Service

The two options are suitable for certain scenarios. Looking at each separately is the best way to make an accurate comparison:

Renting Cheap Dumpster Rentals

Renting a dumpster is a more viable option when one wants to load waste over a long period of time. A dumpster rental period is usually 7 days.

A dumpster rental is also a good choice if one wants to save money in terms of labor costs and chooses to load the waste themselves.

If one has a lot of debris, a dumpster container is a great option because roll off containers begin at 10 yards as stated. With less waste, one would pay for much more dumpster space than they need.

Hiring Junk Removal Services

Hiring a junk removal service is a great option if one does not mind paying for the labor. It is especially so if the waste is in a large pile at a central location which makes a property look very unattractive. It is also a suitable choice if you want the waste to be removed swiftly.

Another situation which warrants a junk removal service is if the client only has several large items to be disposed. In such a case, hiring a junk removal service is less expensive than a cheap dumpster rental.

Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

Difference In Costs of Cheap Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal

The amount one pays to rent a dumpster or hire a junk removal service depends on a multitude of factors. These factors include the amount of the junk or debris, the duration of the waste removal service, the location the waste is located and where it is being transported among others.

The main difference in costs as it pertains to renting a dumpster versus hiring a junk removal service is the labor. Renting a dumpster is often cheaper than hiring a junk removal service because one does not have to pay anyone to move the waste.

However, if the amount of waste is little, a junk removal service is often the cheaper choice since one will choose the minimum charge for its disposal. The opposite is true for larger items one might want to dispose of such as furniture and construction debris.

Additional fees could also make a large difference in the cost of renting a dumpster versus hiring a junk removal service. The latter will tend to have more charges since a dumpster rental only involves dropping it off at the desired location.

As one can see from the information above, there choice of a cheap dumpster rental service and hiring a junk removal service are affected by many factors. Hiring a junk removal service is usually used for smaller amounts of waste while dumpster rentals are used for disposal of larger waste stockpiles. The main difference in the two options as it concerns cost is the cost of labor. However, every case should be evaluated individually to make the best choice.


Getting rid of unnecessary junk can mark the beginning of a more organized and clutter-free environment for homes and workplaces. Contact us today to discuss disposal needs for a free estimate or further information on how to order a dumpster.