Appliance Pickup Services for Homes and Businesses

We often need appliances in our homes to store and prepare food, to clean the premises, and to provide entertainment. However, appliances get old, obsolete and damaged over time. If you’ve ever tried to move a heavy stove or fridge around the home, you can relate to how cumbersome it can be. Moving appliances can also exert a lot of energy on your back, and damage to the home if accidents occur.

Rather than struggling to do everything by yourself, appliance pickup services can make appliance disposal easy and convenient for you. In addition, most appliances require a special disposal process so that the chemicals contained in their materials don’t harm the environment.

At Rent This Dumpster, we offer effective and reliable appliance pickup services for your home or business. Our quality of service, coupled with experience and reliability, means that you no longer have to worry about old appliances clogging up your premises. And you also don’t have to worry about your back or fingers.

What is appliance pickup?

Many people hear about appliance pickup, but don’t necessarily know what it involves. Appliance pickup refers to collecting old, damaged, and unused appliances from your home for a fee. It is an effective service that is aimed at helping you manage junk in your home.

Because appliances are heavy and cumbersome, they can be challenging to get rid of when no longer in use. As a result, many homes and businesses simply shove them in one corner with no idea of what to do with them.

Luckily, appliance pickup services such as ours are experts at responsibly handling unused appliances. We will pick them up from your home in order to relieve space and prevent the appliances from becoming breeding grounds for dirt, debris, and pests.

What happens after your appliances are picked up?

During appliance pickup, we will show up with an empty truck to your premises. All you need to do is show us where the appliances are, and we will haul them away without any inconvenience to you. And because we charge by volume, you only pay for space that your appliances take in the truck.

This is a better cost model for you because you don’t have to worry about the amount of time that it takes to move heavy appliances such as ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers.

Once the appliances are loaded onto the truck, we take them to our site where we carefully sort them for recycling. Recyclable materials are taken through the proper channels, and appliances that can still be used are donated to various charities. In this way, we ensure that landfills are not filled with metals and other materials that don’t decompose safely.

Who needs appliance pickup services?

Appliances are the fuel that drives our homes and businesses. Indeed, many different premises require getting rid of old and unused appliances on a regular basis. The following are typically most in need of appliance pickup services.


If you own or rent a home, you probably have at least one old appliance that you’re not using. Because technology evolves rapidly, appliances tend to become outdated, damaged, or no longer useful. And due to their size and weight, it can be challenging to safely and effectively get rid of unused appliances. This is why appliance pickup is so important for homeowners.

People who are moving

When preparing for a move is when people truly realize how much junk they have to get rid of. It can be a real headache to dispose of many different appliances when you only have limited time to move to your new home.

This is where appliance pickup comes in handy because you don’t have to hurt your back moving old and damaged appliances out of your home. Simply call us, schedule an appointment, and we will safely haul away all your unused appliances.


Any business that fails to properly manage its appliances will incur higher costs and lower productivity. Indeed, businesses that stack a lot of junk in their offices will often have trouble keeping their premises clean and giving off a positive impression to customers.

It is important for businesses to regularly get rid of unused appliances such as printers, computers, paper shredders, and other items that are no longer of value to the business. Rather than having your employees hauling these items around, an appliance pickup service such as Rent This Dumpster can take care of that for you.

Property managers

Property and estate managers often must upgrade the appliances in their rental units or properties that they have for sale. With every upgrade comes the need to dispose of the old and unused appliances. Appliance pickup comes in handy to collect these old appliances and remove them from the property.

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Our effective and reliable appliance pickup services

At Rent This Dumpster, appliance pickup is one of our top services. We have experience in safe and effective appliance disposal from your premises. Our services include:

Making appliance pickup easy

When you work with us, you don’t even have to haul your appliances to the curb or dumpster. Simply show us where they are, and our expert technicians will remove them from your premises and load them onto our truck.

You only pay for the amount of space that the appliances take up in the truck, meaning more savings for you.

Sorting and loading

We also take care of all the sorting that is typically needed with appliances. If you have them piled up in the basement or a storage room, we will do all the groundwork of sorting through cables and lose parts, making sure that we take away all the unused components of the appliances.

Flexible pickup options

When you contact us for appliance pickup, we will work with you to arrange a time that is most convenient for your business. This is particularly helpful for offices that have clearly defined peak and off-peak hours.

We can arrange for the appliance pickup during off-peak hours so that we don’t inconvenience your operations or your customers.

We haul away many different appliances

Whether it’s an old fridge, a damaged dishwasher, or an obsolete fax machine, we can haul away many different types of appliances from your premises. Simply tell us what it is, and we will take care of it for you!

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